Chandelier Earrings

September 29, 2009

These chandelier earrings were a ton of fun to make! They were quite a puzzle to put together, though... except for the actual loop that goes into the ear, this is entirely handmade. I took a strip of wire and made a triangle with two loops in the bottom corner. The ends of the wire are attached to the middle beads.

The twisted ties on the beads took a bit to get the hang of, but are fairly simple. You curl the end of the wire and thread the bead on. Next, form a loop with your pliers slightly above the bead. Keeping the pliers in the loop, take the rest of the wire and twist it three times around the wire directly below the pliers.
That sounds confusing. :P I am terrible at explaining it...
 I used some random leftover plastic beads. :P

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