Pearl and Wire Bracelet

September 29, 2009

 This was almost insanely easy, and it looks so classy. First, I put a bead through floral wire. Next, I shaped the 20 ga wire to mold around the bead. Then I twisted the floral wire that the bead is in around the 20 ga wire. Repeat until the bracelet is finished!

The bracelet is strudy enough to stay on without actually needing a clasp, but I made a jump ring and S hook clasp so that it can't get yanked off by baby brothers who are facinated with this stuff...

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  1. How do you know how long to make the wires before you start beading and wrapping? Seems like you have to cut them before you can start stringing, and I can't tell with all the wrapping how much longer than my wrist circumference I need. Thanks,


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