Once a Queen of Narnia...

December 19, 2010

You know how I lost those 40 pictures? (I mentioned it in my last post). Well, the loss of the pictures left me with nothing to post this week. Or to upload on the Shoppe. So... in the meantime... I thought I'd share some pretty findings...

I'm in a very Narnian mood right now.

I really want to go see Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D-- and we will be, later this week!

Check out this amazing tiara I found on Artfire-- it's based off of Queen Susan's crown in LWW! (For non-Narnian-geeks, LWW is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.)

Made by Triplelle on Artfire

If anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present... LOL!!!!

Seriously, tiaras are perfect gifts for all fantasy fans. Have you seen the stuff Thyme2dream makes? Heavenly.

Thyme2dream on Artfire

I desperately want to know how these are made. The top one is forged-- a skill I would love to learn but probably will never get the chance-- but the bottom one is wirewoven. (Or so it looks).

My own designs look wimpy in comparison:

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  1. I bet you could make that second one. You should try it!

  2. Really? *stares at it in awe*. I can see how the actual circlet was made, and how the leaf beads are on twisted wire, but I don't know how they were attached... Hmm...

    *all the little gears in my brain start moving*

    (yes, you should be very scared)

  3. Wow, those are beautiful! But, I agree with Trina, you should try!

  4. I think you should it try too! Maybe it was attached with a glue gun. Glue is like ductape, it solves almost everything :-)! Shaylynn your blog is wonderful!

  5. Hmm. Actually, the one thing glue doesn't seem to work on very well is metal. I know this because of multiple failed attempts at fixing my favorite hair jewel.

    *continues to stare in awe, and now the little gears are making clanging noises*

  6. Lol, no you are right, no glue gun...I call my husband Ian my "Circlet Wizard" for a reason- hes pure magic with the wire weaving!! For this one (and the Tree of Life circlet and comb we do), he does a basic weave, but he makes the weave meet in the middle somehow, and brings the wire ends up and leaves them for me to "bling" with leaves and suchlike...I dont totally know how he does it, but I know I could never do it in a million years..thats why I recruited him into the business when I got serious;)

    We eventually want to offer tutorials, but thats a ways down the road yet!

  7. Oh, wow. That sounds a bit confusing. :) He does sound like a Circlet Wizard!

    Tutorials would be cool... :) I love the stuff you make, btw. It's absolutely beautiful!


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