A Flower Garden

June 17, 2011

Life. How crazy it is!

These past few weeks have been busy. Friends, family, fun... finishing schoolwork, cleaning the house...

enjoying long hours out in the heat of summer afternoons, wearing a floppy hat, and playing with various circus toys... building swingsets with my dad and brothers... sleeping in as late as I want... taking more time for prayer... :)

I'm sorry for the complete lack of posts these past few weeks. Over the last couple of months, I've found myself prioritizing the blog and shoppe. As much as I love it, there is so much more to do with life, and so I kind of just stepped back for a few weeks. The breather was nice. :)

And now my camera card is full of a bajillion and one pictures to share with you, my amazing and patient Fairy Peeps.

This is a pendant that I recently made-- and I just keep gushing over it. You see all those little twists and wraps and whatnot? I wrapped that wire around and around and around and around, catching beads here and there, and forming a pretty little garden of flowers!

I love these wirewrapping techniques! This is just a sneak peek-- I have more up my sleeve (hopefully, when I can get more wire!) and a few more finished. But this is my favorite so far. :)

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  1. The black background makes the jewelry show up so nicely! Beautiful.

  2. Awesome, your pendant is beautiful. Beads selection is excellent.


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