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June 04, 2011

Over the past couple of months, I've had quite a few custom orders. I put a great deal of work into these pieces (it can be pretty hard to figure out just exactly what the customer wants!), but they never get the spotlight on my Shoppe or here.

And so... may I present the  custom orders from the past couple of months? (Or at least the ones that I snagged pictures of before sending them to their new owners!)

And remember... if you see anything that the Shoppe that you would like in different colors or sizes... or if you see something but one this-or-that changed, don't hesitate to email me! See something on the blog or in my gallery? Email! And if you want a specific piece of jewelry, have an idea in your head of what it should look like, but don't see in listed in the Shoppe... just email me!

I'll do my absolute best to help you get the exact piece that you want!

I love custom orders-- I don't have enough $$$ to buy supplies for every piece of jewelry I want to make, but having a custom order gives me the perfect excuse!

These are sacrifice / good deed beads (see my blog post about sacrifice beads HERE). I had one listed on my Shoppe, and was contacted to see if I could make 13 of them! I was ecstatically excited-- it was my first large custom order! 

Plus, the customer had a brilliant idea-- turning them into bracelets!

Just a couple of weeks later, I got another order... this time for 20 sets of beads and in 2 different colors! YAY!

I should probably make more of these to list in the Shoppe... the only problem is that I used up all the medals and need to find a good place to get them at.

A bracelet for my aunt

Her wrist is small, so I had enough jumprings left over to make a pair of earrings and a necklace!

An Evenstar with custom earrings to match-- this is reversible! One side is green and the other a silvery white!

My favorite Fireworks Earrings in bright colors.

OK-- so this one wasn't a custom order. I made these Elegant Fireworks Earrings as a birthday present for a friend.

Two pairs of leaf earrings!

Two more pairs of leaf earrings!

More Fireworks Earrings... in fun colors and with an extra touch of sparkle. They were made to match a necklace that had been on my Shoppe:

Another not-custom-order-- decorated bobby pins. Not sure why these were in my Custom Orders file, but they were, so here's the picture! :)

This order was sooooo much fun! 3 sets of Fireworks earrings and necklaces in beautiful colors! Doing 3 helped me to perfect the design. :)

Oh, I might have gone camera crazy. Just maybe? I made this order while my little photography setup was set up, so of course I had to go picture crazy.

ShealynnsFaerieShoppe {at} gmail {dot} com

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  1. Gorgeous stuff Shaylynn! Just wanted to share some online stores for buying religious medals. :) They have huge selections and reasonable prices. :);jsessionid=334EF3FE6ED84DF0C43D6D82DC8797CF.qscstrfrnt05

  2. These are all so pretty! Your jewelry is gorgeous. :)

  3. Fireworks Earrings... ooh I love the name! They are perfect for summer.

  4. Shaylynn, those are so pretty! The decorated bobby pins, are lovely! I really like the idea of turning the sacrifice beads into bracelets! I may have to try that! :) And of course, your chainmaille and evenstars are beautiful, as always!

  5. Hey Shaylynn, just a question when you make custom orders to you post them as "reserved" for sale on your shoppe, or...?

  6. Yes, "reserved for such-and-such"



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