Earring Storage Tip

January 12, 2013

Are you tired of your earrings being a jumbled mess in your jewelry box? Here's a neat little storage solution, which also doubles as a piece of pretty and blingy decor.

I'm sure you've seen this idea dozens of places. Basically, just take a piece of loosely-woven material (such as the fabric used for cross-stitching), secure it in an embroidery hoop, and hang the earrings on it.

I found this old piece of cross-stitching in an old storage box. My mom made it when she was close to my age. In fact, when she saw this hanging on my bookcase she told me (rather proudly) that she had come up with the design all on her own! And yet she insists that she hasn't got a creative bone in her body. :P

Most of the earring displays that I've seen have plain fabric. I really like the idea of using a piece of actual cross-stitching. Especially one like this, which is sentimental and would otherwise spend eternity in a storage box because it's slightly boring on its own.

I hung it up with a 3M hook so that the frame is easy to remove. It's impossible to hang up stud earrings if the hoop is attached to a wall!

This is just my personal earring collection. There is no way that this would make sense for storing all the earrings in my Shoppe. If you'd like to see how I displayed those for a craft fair, check out this old post.

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