DIY Earring Display Rack

June 27, 2011

I apologize that none of these photos are edited. As many of you are aware, my software is non-functioning at the moment.

Here are 2 ways to make cheap and easy earring display racks!

Last week, I participated in an art show. I needed some displays for my jewelry, but was functioning on little time and a tiny budget. Earrings are particularly hard to display, especially on a time-crunch and with no money to spend on displays.

The first display is SUPER DUPER EASY and works for many more things than earrings.

Earring/Jewelry Standing Display

You will need:
A shoebox
(lid is optional)
Black paint
Sewing pins
A rock
(jewelry cards, optional)

Step One: Take a shoebox and paint it black. (I used acrylic paints, which did get a couple of scratches) Optional: paint the lid, too.

Step Two: Poke sewing pins into the bottom of the box. Use whatever spacing you desire. Optional: do the same to the front of the lid.

Step Three: Stand the box upright and use a rock to hold it steady. Optional: use the lid to help the box stand up-- you now have a two-sided display.

Step Four: Hang jewelry, earring cards, etc, on the sewing pins!

See how easy that is? And I got a nice, classy black background for my jewelry! (I didn't use it for earring cards, but you can see how these would hang-- just like the jewelry set on the card there.)

Lazy Susan Earring Rack

 I've seen turn-table, lazy-susan racks for earring cards before, and decided to make my own!

You will need:
Something that spins like a lazy susan (I used a turning spice rack)
A large cereal box
Black paint
Duct tape
Sewing pins
Earring cards

This craft was not ideal (the black paint started to scratch and Mom needed her spice rack back, so it is not permanent), but it works wonderfully in a pinch! The fact that it spins means that you can display many more earrings in a small amount of space.

Step One: Find a spice rack (or other lazy susan/ spinning device) and large cereal box.

A note on the cereal box: We have a large family and buy things in bulk at places like Costco. This cereal box is about 3 to 4 times the size of an "ordinary" box and it almost completely square. (And no, we don't usually get chocolate cheerios. That was a special treat!!!)

Step Two: Make sure the sizes are right, and trim off the box's flaps. (And remove the spice containers)

Step Three: Create new flaps so that the box will fold snugly over the spice rack.

Step Four: Paint the box black.

Step Five: Tape the bottom of the box onto the spice rack.

Step Six: Poke sewing pins into the box. Be sure to avoid the wood of the spice rack (this was actually very easy, since the holes for the spice containers were exactly where I wanted to stick the pins).

The last step is to hang the earring cards.

My earring cards were very easy-- I have always made cards to hang my earrings on. They are basically business card sized pieces of paper that I use small hole punches to hang the earrings on. (I print them out on cardstock and cut them to size)

I had to adjust the cards in order to hang them on this rack. I printed out the cards on the cardstock, but cut them so that there was blank white space above the graphics. I used a hole punch on this space, and hung it on the sewing needle that way.

Here is is on my table (set up in the basement for trial).

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  1. Those are great ideas! I would never thought of a spice rack. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would never, ever, have thought of using a spice rack and seeing it, it makes perfect sense! Genius. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you again :)

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  4. Just amazing ideas. These display racks can also be used in exhibitions or events to showcase various products, jewellery and many more.


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