Quick and Easy DIY Artwork Holder

June 28, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a small art show, and spent 3 evenings making some small pieces of artwork. I needed something to display them in, and so.... may I present to you, the DIY Artwork Holder Tutorial?

You will need:
A small cardboard box
Black paint

The artwork-- SEE MORE { HERE }
Just cut the box out at an angle, paint it black, and stick a nice piece of paper on the front to label it.

(As a side note-- what would you value this sort of drawing at, how much do you think is an appropriate price?)

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  1. I'm not up on pricing. However, if I had a little girl in the house, I'd buy it to mat and frame.

  2. I just clicked to see all you drawings close-up. Nice work! The black and white ballerina pics would make a beautiful set for a dancer of any age. I'd also love to see the tiny girl wearing a blue dress and sitting in the forest as a series.

    Do you ever mat and frame some of your drawings for shows? I will often buy either the framed pieces or a copy of the art to frame myself after seeing the possibilities.

  3. Shaylynn,
    It all depends on what you could bear to give it up for and feel like you've done well. I know on artfire (see below address) people are listing artwork in a similar style for $150 (though it does include a nice
    frame, and, personally, your drawings are better).


    On a side note, what kind of black paint are you using?

    Elsie, aka: you-know-who

  4. Come and check out ATCsforall.com and trade art with people all over the world!!

    Love your stuff!

    I am cdraz there.


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