Ren Fest

June 09, 2011

Hey, everyone. Sorry about the slow posts the last two weeks. I'm still working on schoolwork (today is my last day of school!!!) and I'm preparing for a craft fair!!!

I won't have much time until after the weekend-- so here's a quickie post with pictures. :)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Renaissance Festival in our new town. It was alot of fun (although some of the costumes and some of the shows weren't exactly the best). My friends and I had lots of fun exploring!

Our throw-together costumes... peasants/gypsies! (It's amazing what ordinary clothing and the right accessories can do!)

We found a most beautiful little deck to rest on...

I got to meet the amazing folks behind Thyme2Dream!

Here is their booth, where Mr. Hall entertained us with his splendid accent.

We walked in the parade for them. I got to carry a head!

(I went around saying, "I've got a head! I'm holding a head!" the same way that Jack Sparrow says, "I've got a jar of dirt." Yes. I am weird. Oh, and we named the head Cleo.)

There was a musician there playing the dulcimer. He was amazing! One of my friends is big into music, and he was talking about some specifics of his instrument (way over my head)-- all the while playing a lovely jig.

We all enjoyed the jousting!

Well, peeps, that's all for now! I'm off to study and clean my room and make a craft fair/art show display!

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  1. You ought to try to sell your stuff there i think it coust about $400 ...kinda a lot


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