Craft Fair

June 20, 2011

 As my Facebook fans know, I recently attended an Art Show. It was a very small event, but a good experience. You can see some pictures of it { here }-- my booth is the last two pictures.

I had about a five day's heads up. Five days to figure out displays, print business cards, price everything, and work on more displays. Five days of hard work after school and activities.

These are photos of my table set up in our basement. As you can see, I re-purposed our toy castle-- I snatched half of it. :) It's back to being destroyed by Lego cannonballs now.

All of my displays are DIY (aside from the castle, I guess). The artwork display, the earring rack, the necklace mannequin, the cones for displaying necklaces, the earring stands and rocks for the Evenstar sets...

Speaking of art... a fair portion of the time was spent making a ton of drawings. What you see above ain't even all. 

These are the sorts of artwork that fill my sketchbooks-- only I challenged myself to use almost every medium I know. This was also the first time I have done much with watercolors for over 3 years.

Want to see all of the artwork? Check it out { HERE } !

This week... keep an eye out, because I have a few tutorials on making the displays that I used!

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  1. Shaylynn,
    I clicked on the link to see your drawings, and went : "Oooh! I like that one, and that one, and that one, ooh, and that one, oh and that one too....!" So beautiful. I especially liked the one of the little girl in the purple dress in the woods, and the one of the girl in the ball gown. I can't wait to see more!

  2. Your drawings are BEAUTIFUL, Shaylynn! Are you going to put any like that in your Shoppe? (Or do you already have some there and I just didn't see them?) You're quite a talented young lady. :)


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