Maternity Photoshoot

February 07, 2015

This winter during a family reunion, I had the honor of doing a maternity photoshoot for my oldest cousin and "cuzzle" (family nickname for cousin-in-law). They are expecting a little boy!

We were working with a time crunch; it was freezing outside and the shoot lasted only ten minutes! Thankfully within that time I was able to find a nice corner of their neighborhood to take pictures in, and they were very willing models! These are a few of my favorites from the day.

The photoshoot went beautifully and since I was able to edit the pictures the same day, my cousins, the new-grandma, and the new-great-grandma all got to sit down in the living room and look through all of the photos together.  

Aren't they just the sweetest couple?!

I might start sharing more photoshoots on my blog, since photography is another great passion of mine. Over the past year I've had the honor of doing a couple of senior photoshoots and even being the second photographer at a wedding! 

The baby is coming soon, and the whole family is excited for the first wuzzle! (Have I mentioned that my family is crazy? My cousins decided that the new baby would be our "first cousin once removed" and hence would be our first Wuzzle).

Best of luck to the new family! :)

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  1. So much cute. I love the batman shoes!! Those are the cutest!


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