Halloween Costumes

November 05, 2009

 My entire family are Lord of the Rings geeks. :) N., W., and I all dressed up as LotR characters. B. was going to; but his Gimli costume was packed. I suppose I could search for an old picture of him wearing it! M. was going to be King Theoden, but wouldn't wear the cape. So he was a firefighter. A. was a cute little bunny rabbit!
I helped make some of these costumes, and I also took the pictures (except the one with me in it, of course!). So that is why I am posting them...

N. as Frodo Baggins. Note that he is wearing the Ring of Power- he filched that from B.'s LotR Risk game!

 W. as Aragorn. Note that he stole my Evenstar.

 The three LotR characters! I wasn't exactly Arwen, just a random Elf. :) That costume is the big sewing project I've been working on! More pictrues of it will come someday! And I will take pictures of the jewelry I made to go with the costume.


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