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November 02, 2009

I have decided, for simplicity's sake, to remove the Read More option on posts. I've found it sufficiently difficult to navigate the blog with these little jumpbreaks hopping around like mad hatters, and I do not want to get rid of the "You may also like" widget. As I get more time, I will set about removing the Read More from previous posts. Beware of very-long lists full of pictures and instructions!

As mentioned several times, I am participating in NaNoWriMo. I must say that my first day of literary suicide succeeded. I reached 1,929 words. I was hoping to get somewhere in the 2,200 word mark, but that was not accomplished for a variety of reasons. 1) I was not allowed to stay up until midnight, November 1st and begin writing at the first moment, and 2) I fought with my brother (...we all do that, don't we?...) and nearly lost computer privlages for two days.

As a special teaser-spoiler-thing, I am posting my summary (which is subject to change as the my mind changes innumerable times):


While playing pirates in a deserted attic, quirky Claire and shy Edmund stumble upon a mysterious door. On the other side, they find a land ridden with wonder and danger, friendship and enmity... and rumors of the Balmung, an evil sword that gives power to the corrupted ones. Claire and Edmund are unwittingly thrown into the middle of a conspiracy to undermine a witch's power. The conspiracy evolves into a quest to find the legendary Seeing Masks... and the fate of the world could rest in the hands of four young children.
I have to admit that my storyline is rather cliche... but if I have fun writing it, then what the heck? :)

Also, the latest issue of Ink and Fairydust came out! Here is my post about the October issue, which explains what I&F is.
Our awesome fourm administrator, Elena, found herself sick with far too much time on her hands. As a result, our three-month-old monthly newsletter is now in magazine format! She is still working out the kinks in it (all capital "N"s are invisible...) but I hope you enjoy it!
This month's theme was Shakespeare and Writing. It is also forty-four pages long. :P
For those of you (I'm thinking my grandparents here) who really don't care about Shakespeare, but only want to see what I have written, I have two articles on pages 34 and 35 and a comic strip on page 42. However, I suggest reading the entire thing! Or at least the articles that catch your eye!
The entire article on Elvish writing was not included (I feel this is a good thing as I gave a rather long winded and confusing explanation), so at some point I will post it on my blog. Just in case any of you feel like learning Tengwar!

Anway, here is the latest issue!

Ink and Fairydust, November 2009

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