Messing around...

May 08, 2010

As you can see, I'm experimenting with different backgrounds, layouts, and HTML. I should be finished in a little bit!

The Old Look
The New Look

So, what do you think? I love Blogger's new "Template Designer" (only available in Blogger Draft). That combined with some computer-punching and alot of Google magic helped create the new look! I know that not all of the colors match... The background is a little busy (but hey! It's Rivendell!). I might make a new header... The current one was made for the size of the classical Blogger layout, not the new, bigger one!

I would like to point out a neat little bit of HTML I did... Do you see the little butterfly on the bottom left side of the screen? Yup, it does something. Click it! Isn't that cool? Took me long enough to figure it out...

Oooh, also check out the fun little pages I've got going on the top. They aren't done yet, but its a cool idea!

What internet browser do you have? The background looks different on Firefox and Explorer... but that might just be an issue with the Firefox on this computer (I need to fix the settings).

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