DIY Charm Bracelets

January 02, 2011

('diy' means 'do it yourself')

Today I am going to teach you how to make your own elegant charm bracelets! 
These are so beautiful, can be worn in creative ways, and are less bulky than ordinary charm bracelets.

Supplies you will need:
  • a mix of beads (color coordinate-- get rid of those beads floating around your craft space) Approx. 30 beads are used in this project.
  • round-nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • curb chain (the average size bracelet requires 7 1/2 inches of chain)
  • head-pins and/or eye-pins
  • a clasp
  • a couple of jump-rings
For those who make jewelry, this project will simply use up scraps from previous projects. If you need to buy new supplies, small packages of beads, wire, etc. will make several charm bracelets.

The first step is to take a head-pin (or eye-pin), and thread a bead on.

You can always put more than one bead on each charm.

Next, make a loop out of the wire and cut off the excess.

Use your roundnose pliers for the loop, and the wire cutters for cutting.

Thread the loop onto the curb chain. Use your pliers to pinch the loop shut.

More experienced crafters: You can make a sturdier charm by not cutting off the excess headpin wire. Use the wire to wrap around the top of the bead. Be careful to pinch the end against the bead to keep it from snagging or scratching.

Make sure that all of your bead-charms are on the same side of the curb chain. Space them however you want-- I put a charm on every other link of chain.

Continue until the entire chain is full of bead-charms.

When you are finished, attach the clasp. Use jumprings to make an extender, if desired.

It's finished! Now you have a beautiful, colorful charm bracelet!

You can also make charm bracelets with actual charms, and a variety of chains! Experiment away!

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  1. Looks like fun! I've been thinking I should get back into some beading and I might take the time to make one of these this week. We have tons of beading stuff so I should have everything in our beading box.

  2. Elena-- I LOVE your bracelet! It's beautiful!!! (And I'm so proud that you used my tutorial! eep!)

  3. I can't wait to try making a bracelet!!! It looks like lots of fun!!

  4. This is really random, but, did you know that the German word for "do it yourself" is "das Heimwerken"? :P

  5. Hi Shaylynn,

    I have been a regular reader of your blog for a couple months now. I have found it very enjoyable, for I am also interested in sketching, a thing that consumes most of my time. And now, after seeing these charm bracelets, I might have to try them. I wanted to ask you- where did you get the Czech Leaf Charms? They are very beautiful.

  6. Camryn-- haha, that's awesome! I'll have to remember that. "Das Heimwerken Armband..." :) Naja, da ist leicht gut!

    Emily-- Thanks! I'll bet your homework is full of doodles, too, eh? :)

    I get the Czech glass leaf beads at Brightlings Beads.

    They sell lots of high-quality materials. Theirs is the best commercial price for those beads that I have found. I've seen some sellers on Artfire and Etsy who carry these beads for a bit cheeaper, but haven't purchased from them.


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