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August 04, 2011

Hey, all! This weekend I am going to be at the American Chesterton Conference. I won't be able to post on my blog, I hope you understand!

Dad took off work for a few days and we have been busy unpacking the giant piles of moving boxes in the garage, so I didn't have time for much art and crafts!

However, I wanted to share two super-duper easy and quick projects that I managed to finish....

Project #1-- Perler Bead Headphone Decoration

I don't know about you, but in my family, getting headphones mixed up is a big deal.

I suppose this comes from having 8 people, and a total of 6 Apple products between us.

We have lots of plain white earbuds, and they are always getting lost or mixed up or getting other people's earwax on them (ewww!).

I've tried marking my earbuds with Sharpies but it kept coming off.

I got this idea from from The Beading Gem's Journal. 

All you do is take one of those perler beads (you know, the iron-able, fus-able beads that were all the rage in my middle school).... and cut it down the middle.

Use your fingernails to open the bead and string it onto the headphone wires! (Note: do not simply push the bead onto the wire, you risk pinching and breaking it).

Ta-da! Customized earbuds!

Project #2-- Chopping up a Skirt

Sorry I don't have a before picture!

This tired and gathered khakie skirt was one of my favorites-- I wore it all the time.

Unfortunately, it showed. It had several tears and the hem had unraveled.

Plus, I've grown quite a bit since I dot it, and the skirt was in the uncomforatble too-short-to-count-as-a-long-skirt-but-too-long-to-count-as-a-short-skirt stage. In other words: a wee bit unflattering.

It found it's way into the giveaway basket before I finally made up my mind to SAVE IT.

All I did was chop off the bottom layer of fabric. It didn't even need hemming! (I do have to wear my slips-shorts or leggings underneath, though-- it's long enough to be modest but short enough that I'm uncomfortable without it.)

(This photo illustrates what happens when the camera's self-timer doesn't work).

I then took the fabric from the bottom of the skirt and used it as a cowl-style scarf.

Well, I hope this was an interesting post... I'll be back to my normal posting schedule next week!

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  1. Good idea about the headphones!

    Also, I know what you mean about the modest skirts that you're still uncomfortable in. :) I have a few like that but I just put my pj shorts on underneath {actually I just leave them on because we go to mass in the morning} cuz they are soo comfy.

    Oh, let me know about the giveaway. Either send me an email with the picture of the earrings or whatever :D I'm planning on having the giveaway tomorrow night.

  2. Lovely ideas.. the headphone.. and the skirt.. :-)

    You've got a lovely blog!! Thanks for linking in today.. and am hoping you'll be back on Monday again!!


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