Tolkien Month

September 01, 2012

It's time to party like Hobbits!

(squealing excitedly like little hobbit children is a necessity).

I've always loved The Lord of the Rings-- and then, later, the movies and artwork inspired by the great author Tolkien. 
September is the birth month of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, so I decided we should celebrate it properly. With a month-long Long Expected Party. I hereby cordially invite you to join in my virtual celebration and indulge in yummy food, laughter, and an entire month of Tolkien-themed blog posts!

.               .                     

.                         .                          

(Use these image links on your blog to join in the fun. Or, share on facebook, twitter, etc.)

I've already planned out many awesome posts and have several guest bloggers to introduce to you this month!

(If you'd like to guest blog-- on any topic that is at least slightly related to Tolkien-- send me an email at You don't have to have a blog of your own to write a guest post! I am still looking for people to help out; this is a CRAZY busy school semester for me. Feel free to leave comments to give me ideas, too!).

They'll be a little bit of everything...

craft tutorials
inspirational artists
how Tolkien inspires people
what inspired Tolkien
funny memes
a look at the movies
...and much more!

You'll be able to find all my blog posts with the Tolkien-month label at this link.

Want to join in the fun? If you have a blog, Flickr, Tumblr, DeviantArt, or other page where you share anything inspired by The Lord of the Rings or other works by Tolkien, I found a neat tool that lets you share links here on my blog!

Linky rules:
  • Please don't link to your homepage. Instead, link to a specific LotR post's URL, or a blog label (for instance, I could link up the URL for the label collection "Tolkien Month 2012").
  • Nothing inappropriate! I have the right to remove links that are not family friendly, that are offensive, or that don't relate to Tolkien in some way.
  • Please place your link in the appropriate linky, and don't spam. Limit 3 links per person per linky, please!
  • You MAY link up other people's blogs, websites, etc, if you think fellow Tolkienites would enjoy them, but please ask their permission first.
  • No one but me can see your email address.
  • The linkies will remain open until the end of October, so there is plenty of time to join in the fun and you should check back often!


(I can only make one thumbnail linky with inlinkz, so this is the only one that will include pictures with the links.)
Any artwork related to or inspired by LotR and Tolkien. Pictures with nudity or adult scenes will be immediately removed because this is a family-friendly blog.


Crafts, recipes, costumes, and tutorials! If it's a tutorial please say so in the title so people can more easily find them.


Any blog posts you have written about anything LotR, along with round-ups (lists of your favorite things) for things like Etsy, Artfire, DeviantArt, Pinterest, etc. Also put fan-fics here. 
And all other miscellaneous odds and ends go here!
Please write a descriptive title so people know what the link will be about!

(movie screencaps used in this post are via)

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  1. I'm so excited! Obviously. This is going to be a good month. I can feel it in the water, feel it in the earth, smell it in the air--ok. Thanks for that, Galadriel. I'll get back to you about guest-blogging. I want to but I don't know about what yet!

  2. what exactly is a linky, I don't understand it.

  3. Kat Carrots-- YES. Galadriel is getting you into the mood!

    Anonymous-- a linky is a set of links. Each of those blue buttons leads to a page where you enter a URL address and a title for the link. When people enter a link, everyone who reads this blog post can see it and click on it.

  4. Well.....I just found your blog and this is fantastic! I have read all of the posts....and I sure hope you do this again next September!! I will definitely be joining you!!


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