Preparing for a Craft Show

April 26, 2013

This Sunday I will be selling some of my jewelry at the St. Theodore Tea and Fashion show-- local friends, please come stop by! There will be lots of good food and fun, and it all supports the church's mission trip.

Here's a sneak peek at some of jewelry I've made in the past three weeks.

(These first few pictures are from my Instagram account-- @ShealynnsFaerie. It's a weird story why I have an account when I have to use my mom's phone to do it, but basically one of my youngest brothers signed up without permission and now I have to monitor him. What better excuse to start posting my own over-edited, blurry snapshots?)

These are some brand-new chainmaille bracelets! I've been having fun with my two favorite weaves: the Byzantine (lookie at the blue and green ombre!) and the two-in-two mobius. I've also made some bracelets with the Shaggy Loops pattern, the European 4-in-4, and the Persian box weave.

Basically, lots of fun. These are my favorite bracelets to make and to wear. ^_^ I'll photograph them properly later!

Behind the bracelets are some guitar string earrings.

Earrings! These are all on a display that I made all on my own with some scrap wood. I'll take some pictures of my displays this weekend and write up a blog post with tips and tricks later!
One of many necklaces made with my favorite beads ever-- the Czech glass pressed into leaves!

Also hard at work on two of Aurora's crowns!
I made Evenstar sets in every single color I could get my hands on.

The teacup is there because of Tea Trolling. :)

My brother kept pestering me to upload pictures to Instagram the moment I created an account, and I couldn't find anything to post except for the teacup I was drinking out of at the time. So I spammed him with funny pictures of tea or just the teacup in different places. ^_^ If anyone else likes taking funny pictures of tea, use the hashtag #teatrolling. 'Tis fun. Especially when you have little brothers who call tea "dirt water." Tea trolling rankles them. (I'm such a lovely big sister.)

I'm off to go write some essays, drink some tea, and put the finishing touches on the displays! What are you all up to this evening?

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