Garnet and Pearl Hair Fork

February 12, 2018

Since returning from travel in mid-January, I've been putting aside a bit of time every day to rejuvenate my Etsy shop-- during school, I worked mostly on commissions and did not have the time to put in to my regular inventory. I set up a photo studio in the garage and have re-photographed a dozen pieces and finally photographed and uploaded another dozen more pieces that I had only shown at craft fairs.

And I've finally unpacked my jewelry supplies and made some new pieces!

My most recent experiment is this hair piece, featuring real garnet and a mixture of freshwater and top-quality glass pearls:

Garnet and Pearl Hair Fork, on Etsy

I recorded some of the process in the video below:

It's one of the more expensive hair forks I've made, considering that it is decorated with semiprecious gemstones and involved some of the most intensive wirewrapping work I've tackled in a while!

Just sharing some more pictures here :) Many thanks to my little sister for modelling!

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