Something Blue {Custom Wedding Jewelry Set}

September 13, 2013

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

This summer I was able to create jewelry for a local wedding, including a custom rhinestone necklace for the bride!

She reacts to most metals, so the necklace is made from silver-plated rhinestones montees which I wirewrapped into flower shapes, a modified silver-plated brooch, and sterling silver filigree chain. The entire piece is decorated with freshwater and Swarovski pearls, glass teardrop crystals, and deep blue Swarovski crystals.

I'm so incredibly excited to have gotten the opportunity to design a necklace like this, and I hope the bride loves it!!!

The above photos are three variation ideas we considered but discarded for a more simple, silver style.

This elegant cuff bracelet is the same design that I used for Aurora's circlet, and I actually have another one available on my Shoppe right now! It, too, is silver plated and completely handmade.

I'm really proud of this necklace design, but credit is due where credit is due: I was heavily inspired by the designs of Thyme 2 Dream, a lovely shop selling fairytale jewelry. 

I created two of these jewelry sets, and I believe that they are for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. In any case, they are opulent and make me long for the crisp, sunny afternoons of Autumn.

The earrings are a little longer than I usually make (mostly because my personal style features only small earrings, so I rarely think to make larger ones). They remind me of golden forests and fairy dust. :)

The flower girl received an adjustable flower ring in rich bluess.

I forgot to take many pictures of these, but I made a Mermaid Blue Evenstar jewelry set for each of the bridesmaids. These Evenstar necklaces and earrings are reversible; one side is dark blue and the other is shiny, iridescent blue. I added small bead dangles on the back, since I put extenders on the clasp. After all, the bridesmaids should be able to make their necklaces sit at the most flattering length on their neck! As a little surprise, I made adjustable silver swirl rings for each of these sets. :)

Here's the picture of the Evenstar that was on my website, which the bride picked when she messaged me:

I also decorated a box for the bride's necklace. It's a box that my brother's watch came in, and I glued scrapbook pieces over all the labels. :) Everything else I put into baggies and drawstring bags, like normal.

This was an incredibly exciting project to work on and I wish the soon-to-be-married couple the best of luck!

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  1. I love all the sets and the boxes that you decorated! they are amazing!

  2. These are really very gorgeous and lovely pieces of jewellery. I like all the sets and decorations. Any one can looks so beautiful with these jewellery.

  3. Hi: love your fairy jewelry I would love a tutorial on Elven Star I have been looking a tutorial on that style ever since I have seen it. I can make the wire part just don't know how to do the rest lol.

    Sincerly Yours Diann

  4. I Love Jewelry because it is really cool

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  5. Hi: love your fairy jewellery I'd love a tutorial on Elven Star I even have been wanting a tutorial thereon vogue ever since I even have seen it. I will create the wire half simply do not know a way to do the remainder lol.These are very terribly attractive and wonderful items of Wedding Jewelry. i prefer all the sets and decorations. anyone will appearance thus stunning with these jewelry.


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