Queen Fastrada Jewelry + Raffle

April 12, 2014

This spring I had the honor of designing some jewelry for Fine Linen Drama's performances of Pippin (an absolutely brilliant show as they performed it!). These pieces were made for Queen Fastrada, a rather magnificent, fabulous, and twisted queen.

The set is available through Fine Linen Drama's raffle-- chances are just $1 and there are many other beautiful costume pieces made by hand by other local artisans.

The three pictures below are courtesy of Alyssa Jean Studios, and the "in-action" pictures are from Fine Linen Drama's website and facebook page, which you should check out if you would like to see the other costumes!

Queen Fastrada's Circlet by Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe, photographed by Alyssa Jean Studios
 The circlet is crafted out of non-tarnish sterling silver plated wire, glass beads, and crystals. It was a challenging piece-- I have some in-progress pictures near the end of this post that prove that I had no idea what I was doing when I was crafting this! Interestingly, the circlet also looks really cool (and eccentric) if worn upside down.

Queen Fastrada's Necklace and Earrings by Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe, photographed by Alyssa Jean Studios

The necklace-- oh the necklace! This piece was so fun. I was sitting at the table in my dorm with a cup of tea, a show on Netflix, a bunch of silver wire and blue beads, and time to bend and hammer and design. I really do love wireworking!

I could honestly spend an entire post raving
 about the play and all of the actors, but
since I'm writing about Queen Fastrada,
I'm only sharing pictures of Lesley in
costume! Check out finelinendrama.com
for others. :)

Seeing some of my jewelry on stage was a huge honor. :)

I snapped some pictures of my own before the pieces found their way to the theater:

Here's the promised work-in-progress shots:

Tonight I went to see Pippin for the second time and got a picture with Queen Fastrada!

(If you are interested in pieces like these, check out Fine Linen's raffle, or contact me so I can make and customize one for you!)

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