January's Shop Tour

July 10, 2015

Over my Christmas break, in between visiting with friends and family, I spent a good deal of time in the garage working on jewelry.

Last summer, my dad partitioned off part of the garage into a workspace, and now it's a full-blown studio! AND I GOT A TORCH!!!

I took one jewelry class (Metals 1) that previous spring, and the biggest thing I took away from that class was a focus on craftsmanship and technique with hand-tools and a willingness to just dive in and, you know, play with a 2,000 degree flame.

My Christmas present was money towards a propane+oxygen setup for the Smith Little Torch. Between the torch and all of the necessary supplies and safety items, I wiped out my summer's profits, but hopefully all in the interest of great things to come.

Back in January I filmed this vlog, edited the video, and managed to stick all of the files on the wrong harddrive. Now I've dubbed it-- so feel free to join me in a tour of my amazing studio!

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