Old Custom Pieces {2013}

July 17, 2015

I used to always give away my artwork to friends and family, and at some point I decided that if I was never going to actually have any of my artwork, I should have a record of it and take a picture. I was then eleven years old and had just been entrusted with my very first camera.

I've been trying to carry this practice over with the jewelry that I create, because there are many custom items or craft fair sales which I will never see again. So I snag a snapshot before sending the jewelry away.

Tonight, while waiting for my YouTube video to upload, I dug around in some old files and found a few memorable pieces that no one but the recipient has yet seen! 

These are, so far as I can tell, all from around 2013.

(I did unearth some from a full 3+ years ago, but the quality is... well, let me direct you to what I considered some pretty cool jewelry in 2009... I started to actually develop good craftsmanship in 2012, but that's back when I blogged fairly consistently and actually posted about small custom work.)

This red and gold beaded necklace features a St. Benedict medal that I was so excited to find.

I've been considering making more religious jewelry like this; most stuff you find is a simple cross or medal on a chain.

Braided cuff, and rings, in black and silver.

St. Therese good-deed sacrifice beads (I wrote a blog post about good deed beads some time ago). For some reason, 2013 was the year of the St. Therese beads!

This chainmaille project is so beautiful-- a long choker necklace made with the 2-in-2 weave, with silver plated and blue enameled copper. Each ring (as always) was woven individually.

To match it, I made a Byzantine weave bracelet.

And two matching earrings for the set.

Remember how I said that 2013 was the year of the St. Therese beads? This was a custom order for 60, SIXTY, sets of beads. Above is my best friend and my little sister, who helped with detailing the beeswax to make the beads slide better.

I love the Czech glass beads that my customer requested!

Yep. That's a LOT of beads!

This was another set-- I think I made ten-- and the Czech glass is interspersed with Swavroski pearls.

Even more sets-- these jet black beads were for three brothers.

A cool chain bracelet with that bead flower I use in so many designs...

An intricate copper necklace with lots of swirls and fun green leaves...

Here's another chainmaille necklace!

I wish these weren't so expensive to make-- I'd have several in every color in stock if I could!

The metal in chainmaille is just so fluid!

This was a gift; a fun lightweight necklace for a music-loving friend.

This... I don't remember making this or what it was for, but I have pictures by golly! It's supposed to be a headpiece with fun dangling chains.

However, 2013-me also took a picture of it on a lampshade.

2013-me also demonstrated how it could be turned into a statement necklace. Remember when overkill chain necklaces were all the rage?

One of many, many Evenstar sets I made that year.

And this is a Christmas tree ornament! I formed the copper wire, hammered it, and filled it in with beads.

That's it for the custom work of 2013! I have nearly three times as many pictures from the custom work of 2014. Keep an eye out for that blog post in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Shaylynn! That unidentified headpiece/necklace is, I believe, the one you made me! I haven't cosplayed it yet, but I adore it!!!

  2. @Elenatintil NO WAY! I remember now. I'm glad that you still have it! :) It's so strange that I couldn't place it!


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