My First Crocheted Cardigan!

March 13, 2010

Okay, so her clothes don't match it. :) I just had her slip it on for a picture! Its also two sizes too big (the pattern didn't come smaller)

THIS IS MY FIRST EVER PIECE OF CROCHETED CLOTHING!!! And, for once in my life, I followed the pattern exactly. It is called Behop Cardi and can be found for free on Ravelry and Lion's Yarn.

I had some confusion about the gauge (it accidentally gave two numbers!), and had made a good part of it with the wrong gauge. Rather than frog (tear out) that strip, I gave it to Addie as a lacy purple scarf.

The pattern called for stitch markers, I didn't know what they were but after reading the pattern a bit I realized that it means things stuck in the yarn to mark stitches. I just used safety pins. :)

Overall, this went fairly well! Being a beginner, self-taught-by-web-browsing crocheter, I had some problems getting the hang of it. Considering I had troubles crocheting a straight line just a few months ago, I am quite proud. :) It only took four or five hours! And that is while reading/watching TV.

No buttons yet! :)

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