March 20, 2010

I used to have high, high hopes for my novel Nevdroonia. Such as having it entirely finished by now. Such as having it edited by now.


As many of you know, many things have been going on in my family, and in addition to that I have an incredible amount of schoolwork. Whoever said that homeschooling must be easy don't know a thing. I put in seven to eight hours of hard work a day-- no sitting in boring lectures or chatting to friends by the locker or watching movies in class. I've been escaping more-- reading or doing simple art/craft projects in my free time.

As a result, my writing has suffered. I am only 80% done with Nevdroonia. I finally got over a huge writer's block, when I couldn't figure out what would happen next. (You see, I started this project with no definite end or outline, something I'm not likely to repeat on a full length novel). I now know how the climax will work.

But it is so hard to find time for writing, and I wonder when I will ever finish. Oh, my big dreams still carry on. I have a sequel formed in my mind. I have another-- much better-- story planned, which may or may not take place in the land of Nevdroonia. (If it does, Nevdroonia would be changed around quite a bit.)

But if things carry on in the way they have been wont these past few months, I won't be done by next NaNoWriMo. Arugh.

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