Self Portrait

March 19, 2010

After my last post, where everyone seemed to think I drew a self portrait, I decided to see if I could draw a self portrait. After all, my 'drawing-people-so-they-actually-look-like-themselves' skills are terrible.

Gahhhhh. *buries head* Why am I posting this? I spent, all of twenty minutes on it. Maybe less. And I'm not exactly a pretty model... its so much easier to draw nice sharp noses, you know!

I drew this picture at an angle-- I was in the bathroom (what you see is a mirror image!) and the counter was too wet to put my sketchbook on. The angle I drew it at looks better. Oh, if the glasses look cricked and falling down my nose, that's because they are. They are five years old and have been in too many volleyball games.

The next picture is a self-portrait I drew three years ago. You can see that I was so hopeful I'd be able to get thin, workable hair.... lolol

Ooooh, pitiful... I did draw a much better one a few weeks after this one, but that picture is packed up.

And this next one was not drawn by me at all! My friend, Yaviel, drew it based on the picture in my facebook profile. She said it was the best drawing of a face she's ever done. It was so sweet of her to send it to me! Let's all hear a round of applause for Yavi, shall we?

I didn't scan this... sorry for the picture quality.

There you go, dear readers. Pictures of me, since I don't really want to put photos of me on the public blog. :)

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