FAILED: Sewing a skirt

June 29, 2010

So you thought that all I could make was some neat drawings and fun crafts? Looks can be misleading. For every good drawing showcased on my blog, I have ten pages (however unrelated, aside from technique)of terrible, horrible, nasty drawings. For every five crafts I make, one makes it to the dumpster. And of those that survive, not all make it to the blog.

But sometimes a fail has to make it to a blog. This is a particularly big fail. And... I'm posting it on my blog.

I had a pair of too small jeans with holes that I wanted to turn into a skit. I didn't want to turn it into a long skirt with two fabric triangles in front and back, like some friends of mine make. I wanted to make a knee-length skirt. And I don't know how to sew well.

The problem, as I later found out, was that the pants were too small. Nevermind that they fit around the waist-- a skirt tight in the hips does not work very well. Maybe this would have worked if I had a pair of fitting jeans. My other problem was that I tried to make it below knee length, and did not have enough fabric from the bottom of the legs to fill in the skirt.

^And there was my problem, and the reason I never finished the skirt. Had that not been an issue I would have finished sewing and given it to someone smaller.

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