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June 07, 2010

Updates coming! So far I've spent my summer vacation doing all sorts of artsy things. Don't worry, I haven't disappeared. But there are more important things than blogs, you know. (*runs away from angry blog-followers*)

Here is some stuff to look for:

My "How to Make a Rosary" article from Ink and Fairydust and my brother's attempts at making one
A few bits and pieces of jewelry
My second colored-pencil portrait
Flower Fairies! (I finally found the box of fairies I made years ago; twas in storage)
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography attempts
My brothers' creations
Updates on my writing
A failed sewing attempt
Work-in-progress of my GANDALF and LUCY PEVENSIE drawings.
a scarf
flower pen
fairy charm bracelet, washer necklaces, rings, and (what I am working on) a jewelry set

As always, please enjoy browsing through previous posts! I am going to do some revising of old posts. Any "instruction" pages will now carry links to other projects made that same way, and I will be removing "read more" from my oldest posts.

P.S. Is the blog loading slowly for everyone? Or is it just me?

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  1. Good to see you back :P
    I'm always happy to see you have new posts.
    It's not too slow here, but it might be because the photos are big. :)



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