Lucy Pevensie

April 08, 2010

I drew Lucy Pevensie the next day! This is my typical colored pencil/pen style. Again, I want to pummel the scanner to death. This scan lost all skin color! And the rich reds!

 Here's a picture of the drawing from my camera. Bit of a weird angle. :P

Here is the photograph I based it off of: (you can tell I tottally messed up the face, particularly the nose, and the hands)


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  1. I really like it Netta, and the face dosen't look terrible.

  2. This is really old...but can I just say how much I like it? The dress is beautifully done! I actually like the features of the face quite a bit...I think what makes her look rather different than the "real" Lucy is the chin a little bit. It has a slightly different shape to her jaw-line. It's funny how just a little detail can change the appearence of a drawing, is it not? *laughs* but anyways I really like it.

  3. I think it's lovely!! Lucy is my favorite character( not because that is my name) :)


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