Hermione Granger's REAL Yule Ball dress

April 08, 2010

I am quite upset at our scanner; even with the help of Paint Shop, the picture doesn't have the depth of color that my actual drawing has. And the colors that it highlighted are the wrong ones-- it makes the drawing look funny.

I have decided to get back to honing my colored pencil skills! Believe it or not, this is my first colored pencil drawing that does not have any pen lines-- since third grade. Yes, it is true.

I based this drawing off of a photograph from Goblet of Fire. In the movies, Hermione wore a beautiful pink gown to the Yule Ball. In the books, however, the dress was periwinkle blue. :) So, for the fun of it, I drew the picture and transformed the dress blue. And more modest. :P

Edit: I took a picture with my camera-- it has really different lighting! :P

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  1. That's amazing! I think I like this dress better than the one in the movie :)

  2. So much better! I've always been annoyed that they used pink instead of blue- this picture is proof that the original idea was better.

  3. this is so much better than the one used in the movie. emma cheated by using the pink one (no offense to all you emma watson lovers), because hermione was supposed to wear blue. she's hermione, so who cares how it looks on her!

  4. anyway, i think yours is better! yours is more accurate, and i like that modesty counts! emma is like such a cheater,(sorry to you emma watson fans) she should have worn that periwinkle one she has (yes, i looked up that she has a periwinkle one, too) and who cares what it looks like, she's hermione, and hermione wore blue. is emma crazy or what!??

  5. My god! You are awesome in drawing pictures!

  6. I loved Hermione's dress in the movies, but it always bugs me when they get colors wrong whether it be important dresses or hair and eyes!

    1. I used to be annoyed by Harry's eyes, but then Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to the contacts so I let that go. XD

  7. This is the color of dress she was wearing in the book! I think it would have been SO much better than the pink.


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