iPod Touch Stylus

April 23, 2010

I got an iPod touch awhile ago! I was slightly annoyed, though, that the screen could only be used with your finger. Being an artist at heart, I loved the drawing apps. Being big in the bones, I have rather large fingers that made drawing on a four inch screen difficult. Being a person filled with curiosity, I had to figure out why iPods can't have styluses.
Here is the info on the way an iPod touch screen works. Its seriously cool. You must read it. Press "next" to continue with the article. HowStuffWorks--iPod Touch Screen

That explained why syluses don't work. It needs to be conductive.

Being a crafty person (in more than on sense... muahaha) I had to make a stylus. That is conductive. Being a person who misses the obvious, I didn't even think to look online and realize that they actually sell nice iPod styluses. Ones that don't have the same problem mine have.

The problem with mine:
It only works if it is touching your hand or skin or a banana. (WHY the banana works? That I don't know. But I did it accidently once. And it worked. Although that might just have been a fluke...). This stylus will be useless with a glove. However, it allows for better control on the screen!

This was an experiment; I didn't actually use all supplies shown.
You will need:
Aluminum foil
Two or more foil wrappers from Wrigley's gum (believe me, it makes sense)
Old pencils to kill
A craft knife
And an iPod touch

My stylus is two-sided. One side is angled, the other flat. Take your pencil and use the craft knife to cut its tip at an angle. Make sure to round the tip. You don't want any pointy things that can hurt your expensive toy.

Make sure that the eraser end has a large enough eraser-- again, you don't want sharp pointy things.

Cover both ends with the Wrigley's gum wrappers. Secure with regular Scotch tape. The gum wrappers are a soft foil covered with a thin cushiony substance. It is much softer than aluminum foil and will not harm your iPod. It is also very conductive.

Cut a peice of aluminum foil to cover the pencil. Be sure it reaches the gum wrappers but does not reach the ends.

Secure with Scotch tape.

I then tested it out. It does work and does not harm the iPod.

I covered mine with blue painter's tape! Voila! A stylus!

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