Random Old Drawings

April 23, 2010

I've been uncovering more and more old pictures from an undated CD. I really should get more organized and start dating my CDs. Some of the pictures are really, really old. Some of them are from barely 2 years ago. I really don't remember! But here they are!

A Mothers' Day gift (or was it for Mom's birthday?) a few years ago

A tiny painting

A drawing of our parish for some family friends who moved away

A drawing of my sister playing in the snow, a birthday gift for my dad. I SO messed up the proportions

Oh, wow. This is really old. Like, third or fourth grade old. It was a poster we did for school-- only every other school in our district did it, too. I forget what the contest was. :P There was this big reception thing, in the school gym, and there was a beaver and a guy who talked and talked and all Iheard was blah blah blah. Funny, the things I remember? :)

A painting of my sisters' godparent's girl that I never did do-- I tottaly messed it up and gessoed it over.

Wow. She was LITTLE.

A coloring contest. I was, 11? 12? And I got third place in the 11-18 year old bracket. Actually, its still up on the website! HERE.

A painting for a family friend's cousin in Germany who visited us when she was down here in Hillbilly Land. :) Its a drawing of a picture I took when we all went out to Meramac Springs Park. You can see part of a notebook I'd decorated.

That contest picture, a drawing of St. George, and a colored-in photocopy of the drawing of St. George.

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