Black Friday Sale

November 23, 2010

It's that time of year again... with people trampling through stores like a pack of angry buffalo hungry for a sale.

It's also the time of year to start thinking about Christmas presents for all of your friends and family!

I'd like to pass on the buffalo, if you don't mind. But you still get the sale. And some fun, unique Christmas presents (if I do say so myself).

That's right-- I'm doing a Black Friday sale!

How would you like 10% off everything in Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe?

The sale will last all day on Friday, November 26th. Everything means everything... including all the brand-new, one-of-a-kind items I just uploaded!

Do you like my Evenstars? Get 15% off on Black Friday!

(Because I have a Basic account on Artfire, I can't automatically make the Evenstars 15% off. You will have to contact me via Artfire or my new email ShealynnsFaerieShoppe [at] I will manually mark down the price for you. Please note that if you do this, it might be Sunday or Monday before I am able to do so. So long as you contacted me on or before Black Friday, you get the 15% off.)

Please note that this is the first time I've tried to do a sale... so let's collectively hope that nothing explodes. K? :)

Visit Shealynns-Faerie-Shoppe's ArtFire Shop

Your regular crafting posts will begin momentarily...

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