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November 06, 2010

 I thought you might be interested in seeing what goes into the making of a Shea and Bergen comic. On the other hand, you might not care in the least, in which case you may go ahead and skip this post. :P

{Shea and Bergen is the comic I write for Ink and Fairydust magazine. It's about a fairy and a dwarf in the real world. I&F is a free e-mag full of faith and creativity, check it out!}

The first step is the hardest-- finding something to write the comic about. Something funny... unique... hopefully ties into the season or the theme of the issue... Yeah. Not easy.

Step two: Sketch it. This is my favorite part. Shea and Bergen is drawn in a semi-realistic style, the easiest for me to replicate month after month. ^_^ If I've got my idea picked out and the "boxes" organized in my head, then the sketch is sooo much fun.

Click to enlarge
Step three: Ink it and erase the pencil lines.

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Step four is coloring the comic. This is where I usually ruin my drawing.... lol! I forgot to take a picture half-finished coloring. I use my little pack of artist markers (hard to use with limited colors!) and my favorite Prismacolor colored pencils.

Want to see what the finished comic looks like? Check out the November 2010 issue of Ink and Fairydust

My photograph is on the front cover, too! :D

{Look out for a post about this "NaNoWriMo" thing in a couple days!}

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