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November 14, 2010 can be seen in these pictures.

What You Can Do With Charm Bracelets
My first charm bracelet. { HERE }
I've made two charm bracelets. They are, without a doubt, some of my favorite bracelets, ever.
They are so playful!

Wear two on one wrist!
Bored? Mess around with the beads!

I can't help but jiggle my wrist when I wear these...
Get creative...

Attach the clasps of the bracelet to the clasps of a chain for a fashionable necklace!
And go bold!

Two bracelets and a chain-- overboard? Not so much!
You've got creative and bold... Go unique!

Just two charm bracelets attached together make a great choker necklace.

I've seen this style around somewhere...

It's called layering.

Bored? You are never, never, never ever bored when you've got glasses with magnetic sunglass clips... and charm bracelets.

Muahahaha. Can YOUR glasses do that?
...and, for all that, the only way I usually wear charm bracelets is one on a wrist. The normal way.

(Well, I do stick it on my glasses an awful lot... You know, during long, drawn out games of Monopoly?)

*Check out my new tutorial on how to make these charm bracelets!

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  1. thats really cool thanks for the advice!
    i will do that.

  2. coolios! totally going to try that!

  3. SO CUTE!! I love wearing two charm bracelets on my wrist!! The one I'm wearing now is lonely. :(

  4. I know, I love doing random little things, and sometimes they actually work out! LOL!

  5. Will there be any charm bracelets in the shoppe in the near future? ;)

  6. Sure! Do you have any ideas for color schemes, etc? I'm out of the chain I need for these bracelets and some other projects, and I can pick up a bead set next time mom takes me shopping!

  7. If you have any in either red, green, or purple (with silver chain) I probably won't be able to resist buying one (or two or three . . . to share of course).
    Speaking of red and green, a Christmas themed one would be adorable. And I love those leaf beads you have! I don't think I'm ever buying jewelry from a store again. XD

  8. Awesome, Rosemary! I can do that. Unfortunately I don't have too many beads in those colors but I will be creative and search through my box!!!!

    If you want to ask more questions about the bracelets, why don't you email me at my new email address, for my blog/Shoppe:

    ShealynnsFaerieShoppe [at]

    just replace the [at] with @.

  9. Ooh, okie dokie, thanks! At the moment I have no money, but once I finally get a paycheck I will be interested in some Christmas presents! And eventually hopefully a bracelet for me! :)

  10. alrighty! Well, I already went and made three bracelets (a Christmas, green, and purple) just 'cause. :D They took a bit more to make than I expected/remembered, lol. :P I've got the Christmas one up in the Shoppe (none of the others yet).
    I can always make more later; don't feel like you have to buy now or anything, or at all if you don't want!

  11. Oh good idea! I never even thought of attaching a bracelet to a chain before... I should try that!


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