How to Write In Elvish

May 21, 2011

 This is a post from my old blog, Nevdroonia. Since I'm on a Lord of the Rings kick right now, I thought I'd share it with all of you!

I don't claim to have this all correct. I wrote this post... when I was 13? 14? and was very confused about the info on Elvish. Please feel free to ask questions or correct me on any point.

And so... may I present to you ladies, gentlemen, and fairies...  
Shaylynn's Guide to Writing English using Elvish letters.

Well, I don't know the language, but I can write English in Tengwar (Elvish letters)! (JRR Tolkien made an entire Elvish language, did you know?) I taught myself, peicing together snippets I found in various places. Most likely I have it all wrong, but... it looks impressive! These are the pages from my notebooks where I wrote notes on it.

The first page shows
1) the Elvish letter
2) the symbol that I think symoblizes the sound,
3) an example of how that sound is used in a word, then the name of the Elvish letter. It has only consonants on it.

The second page has more notes, and the vowels. I am still confused on those, but I use the symbols that say "typically these" by it, and I do not do the "y", as I write more phonetically.
Page three has more notes, esp. explaining that English can be written in Tengwar phonetically (based on sounds, like shorthand) and letter-by-letter (which is generally more confusing to write but easier to read).

These are two visual aids I made, to help you see how the letters fit together. The top one is Sindarin mode (which I use the most) and the bottom is Quenya. You cut out the peices, and arrange them into words. It helps you see how the vowels and consonants fit together.

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  1. Ah, I remember my Elvish days!!! There was a time I had the entire alphabet memorized! Then I learned Greek and those letters took over.

    Kudos on your visual aids! Very creative!

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm Catholic and I live in KS! How cool! :D I have a blog too! I love finding new bloggers, especially when they are Catholic! It seems to me like almost all of the 'Big' bloggers are Mormons...

  3. Hello!!! How does phrase "think positive" is written in elvish?


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