A Set, Lost Pictures, and a Printable

May 26, 2011

A nice little medley for you today... Scroll down for the printable.

Last week, I got put in charge of painting a set!!!

Me. And the set. And the tree. Because there is a funny inside joke with that tree.
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It's a funny story-- my younger brother was in a play, and Mom told the director that I could come and help paint the set.

Before we began-- this was the painting that was already there

I showed up, was told what the director wanted done.... and somehow wound up in charge! It certainly helped that I had some of the most amazing and talented helpers!

The finished set-- click to enlarge
I'm not used to being in charge of people painting set-- I'm used to being the one who is told what to do! And only a couple of short times, at that.

We were also working with a shortage of paints! I helped paint for two days, and we didn't even have any brown paint until dinnertime on the first day.

Then, on the second day, we didn't have any black, red, etc, because they had not been left at the "theater." It all worked out, though. :)

Look at that lovely wood cottage! One of the dads built it and we painted it. Painting stone is fun-- it's kind of hard to loosen up and let people do it "their way" and not be too bossy, though.

It was a very fun experience!

Here is my brother, Blarney the Leprechaun!

I was having difficulties with getting images to load a couple of weeks ago. Remember this post? I was talking about making some accessories for my Confirmation dress. Here are the pictures: for real this time!

Earrings.... My favorite orbital chainmaille design, Swavroski pearls, and silver earwires (which were insanely comfortable and I've ordered more to use for jewelry in my Shoppe)

A pretty little beaded hair barette.

Shoe clips! Here is when I remind you that I have very weird feet, and the only shoes I can comfortably wear cost alot-- and therefore I can't just buy shoes to go with a couple outfits. So shoe clips are an awesome, DIY solution.

I'll post a tutorial someday. :)

These clips are fabric yo-yos (so much fun!) I made another, bigger, and more-beads yo-yo and attached a brooch clip to the back. As you can see in this picture, I wore it as a decoration on the ribbon belt.

I've had some requests for a printable of the "Messy desk quote" I used in this post about decorating a desk with paper.

Well, I've obliged! Here it is. :) Just print it out, cut it out, and hang it up wherever! I do so love doing typography. :)

(Instructions-- click the image to be taken to the large file. Right click and select "Save Image As." It will then let you download it as a file image. Free for any non-commercial use. :)

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  1. Wow. Nice job on the set! The jewelry is beautiful. If I may ask, how did you attach the shoe clips? Is that velcro? Keep it up, your blog is so fun to read!
    <3 Elsie

  2. So much fun. Thanks for the post.

  3. I really like those earrings! And the set looks great :)

  4. sooo cool !!!, and thanks!!!!


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