Sewing Project Pictures!

December 14, 2009

I told you "long ago" about my various sewing projects... namely, the three things I have sewn: 1) a doll dress whose pattern I made up 2) a skirt and 3) an Elvish dress.

It is very hard, when you are the photographer, to get pictures of yourself dressed up. I do not have any pictures of my Elvish dress. The pictures I am including in this post are ones that my brother W. took several months ago-- and only when I bribed him.

Looking through the pictures, I realised I mostly made avatars and signatures for fun. I don't think I've actually used any... just experiment. So I apologise if the pictures have words all over them. :)

FYI: To get what "Bear" and "Fish" mean, read the Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. And to get what "Tree Walking" is about, join the FairyTaleNovels Fourm, and read page 400 something in the Rivendell thread in the roleplaying section. Haha.

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