Glimpses Into An Artist's Mess

February 03, 2010

I have to say, I have a great talent for making messes. Much as I love tidiness, I rarely feel like actually cleaning. Organizing-- love. Cleaning-- hate. I do make myself actually clean, because I do dislike mess, but its... cleaning.

But when it comes to actually working on art/craft projects, I'm content with mess. :) And while it may not look very organized, be warned that I can remember where everything is and shall bite your head off if you mess with my messy unorganized style of organization. :)

Here are some glimpses:

This was during my very first jewelry "spree". Boy, was I making things left and right! This is on my desk in my bedroom. Made it a bit hard to set schoolbooks on there. :)

A lamp makes an excellent place to dangle jewelry from... it was much more organized there than in the box where it is currently all crammed. :P The poor lamp has left me, sadly. It suffered a dramatic fate at the hands of my little brother.

...I had another picture of my yarn basket, which was overflowing beautifully, like a waterfall... only the picture as disapeared. So you only get one glimpse today. Sorry.

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