Two Paintings

February 03, 2010

I apologize for the awful pictures here. :( I assure you that my paintings are not blobs of blurry, yellow color. But I had already given both of the paintings before I discovered that the picture was rather terrible.

These are acrylic. The top one was 20 something inches and the bottom was 11 or 14. Both are "mounted" canvas, which means they have about an inch of space that they stick out. I really like that, because I can paint the sides and they don't need a frame.

I *actually* based this painting off another one. :) It was a random cardboard print on our wall that was terribly faded. Of course, my version took its own little twists. Dad took this for his office at work! :D :D :D
A Christmas present for my Papa (Grandpa). He loves pool. :)

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