One man's junk is another man's treasure...

February 03, 2010

...or however that quote goes.

Does the picture above make your fingers itch and your imagination run on end? 
Those are all random trinkets I found lying around the house. I am sure I will uncover more when we move and get the boxes out of storage.
I am not sure what to do with a broken zipper, belt loop, or spiral paper clip, but I can assure you whatever I make will be... interesting.

Look what else I found! And old watch. The wriststrap was missing, the battery was rusty, and it was salvaged from the "junk/to be sorted box".

The actual watch case would make a great locket bracelet. I could imagine something romantic like a lock of a loved one's hair or sentimental like a picture of your family. But, me being me, I am more likely to build a miniature Narnia in there. :)

With the help of a handy screwdriver, I pried the watch face off the gears without breaking anything. I am very proud of myself. I was able to reattach the hour and minute hands, but I'm sure you can see the tiny, lonesome second hand... just lying there...

Let's see what I do with all this mess!

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