Flower Fairies

November 18, 2010

Or, What I was Doing When My Camera Broke

A flower Elf. Arwen, maybe?
Revel in the beauty of that picture. T'was the last my nice camera ever took.

Some of you may remember the post where I explained that my camera had broken. It was a fluke, really; I was holding the wonderful camera, taking pictures out in the yard of my flower fairies, when the camera slid from my hand and hit the dirt. (What gets me is the fact that it managed to fall despite the fact that I had wrapped the strap around my wrist!)

Dad says that I managed to jiggle it's insides just enough and in the only way that it can't be fixed. It was a very, very nice camera. T'was an old Canon of my grandparent's. RIP awesome camera.

Anyways, that was a long time ago. I'm back to using the 10 year old Olympus (again from my grandparents!) It's a nice camera, but it's starting to get old age lines. For example, the memory cards? Soooo outdated. Startup time? Sooooo long. Macros? Sooooo difficult to take. Thankfully I've learned it inside and out, so I can make it do what I want. And if it can't do it, well, I've got Photoshop now!

Now that we've got the camera story out of the way, want to hear about the Flower Fairies?

My aunt (or grandparents, I forget) gave me a book/kit from somewhere (Klutz, maybe? I forget) for Christmas (I was nine or so.... I forget). I spent hours making these little fairies and teaching my friends to make them. (Thankfully I have not forgotten how to make them...  heehee)

I made these three, the Water Lily fairy, the Lord of the Rings Elf fairy, and the Bride fairy, (along with a bajillion others) in 4th grade when I was home from school for a month due to two surgeries.

I made alot-- these are just the ones that I didn't give away. ^_^

Not content with fairies, I made a mermaid.

Click to enlarge
I've thought about making Wedding flower fairy sets for my Shoppe. I would make it all custom order, with the hair the color of the real people, the wedding dress in similar style to the real one, and using the colors in the actual bridesmaid dresses. Wouldn't that be sweet?
What do you think?

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  1. yah,i think alot of people would buy them....... i would!

  2. Oooo, those are adorable! They could be used as wedding cake toppers!!

  3. OOooh, that is a neat idea, Jenna! :D


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