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November 03, 2010

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Remember how I mentioned the "Shadow of the Bear Artfire Fundraiser" a little while ago?

Well, we reached the halfway mark and then things started to die. Elena, the director, really needs this software as quickly as possible in order to finish editing the film before the premeire this summer.

Here are a few of the items that I made for the fundraiser (click the images to go to the listings). 100% of the sale goes towards the movie!

Those three designs haven't made their way to my Shoppe yet... They would make perfect Christmas presents, and you'll be supporting a great film, besides. :) And making some die-hard fans very, very happy.

(Did you know that those earrings are handwoven out of silver plated jumprings? Such a special present for a friend, or even yourself!)

Check out the awesome things that other forum-ers have made:

Want to donate, but don't want to buy anything?

Go to "The Shadow of the Bear Official Movie Blog" and click the button the the left-hand side!

THANK YOU! It is because of YOU that this movie will become a reality by this summer!!!

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