My First Craft Fair

November 21, 2010

My table display, set up in our school room.
A few weeks ago, my Mom forwarded me an email from a homeschool group: they were having a craft fair!

"You might want to think about doing this," Mom said.

Of course I wanted to do it! And thus it was that last Monday we drove out to this funeral-home-turned-gathering-center with a Rubbermaid tub full of... well, every jewelry that I have made and didn't plan on keeping. :)

The tables were free, and it sounded like it would be a mix of cutesy little kids' wares and parents' crafts. My six year old sister, Adelynn, made her own "Shoppe"-- "Adelynn's Princess Shop."

The day before the craft fair, I took over the homeschool table and made a beautiful little display. (See the results above!)

I wasn't expecting round tables!

The real deal!
(Please excuse the picture quality. Silly me forgot the camera's memory card! Mom snagged these with her phone camera. You'd better thank her for remembering that, or else you, dear readers, would have no pictures of any quality!)

Please excuse how crazy I look and see how pretty my little sis is. :)
I didn't really know what to expect; after all, this was not a real craft fair. When we arrived, I was surprised at how many people came to sell items.

Most of them were cute little kid crafts-- some very creative. For instance, marshmellow guns? Rings made out of brads? Pretty cool. Some people made soaps, some made tote bags, my co-op's art teacher did calligraphy... one lady had some amazing "good deed bracelets" (sacrifice beads made into a bracelet!) Mom bought this thing called a rice bag from someone-- it. is. awesome. I'm going to make some myself and do a post on them. ^_^

So the craft fair turned out rather well; I made five or six small sales and nearly everyone took one of my business cards. Adelynn sold two things and promptly spent that money on two little things from two other little girls. :)

I did notice that the only people there were the people selling things and their families. Most people came with full tables... and left with nearly full tables.

Packing everything up!
I certainly got a lot of experience from this craft fair! One important thing I learned: never forget hyperallegenic ear wires for earrings. I missed out on two sales because of that... In the future, I will always bring some gold plated, silver plated, and niobium ear wires for people who want them. :)

Have you ever been to a craft fair? Which displays and wares were your favorites? Have any tips? Please share in the comments box!

I am now officially hooked. I shall keep an eye out for craft fair opportunities-- and I might even bring some original artwork and some prints!

Do you want me to do a post on how I displayed the jewelry? I've already taken things apart, but I can show you the *drumroll* secrets. (I would make a terrible magician, lol!) For instance... I spent $0 on it!

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  1. Shaylynn, that is so awesome! I love your displays. I for one, have never been to a craft fair, but I really want to! Your table looks great!

  2. Thank, you, Elven! I've gone to one "craft fair"-- aka, a bunch of booths in a corner of a Summerfest. :) So this was my first in more ways than one!

  3. I was moderating my comments and accidentally deleted this one by Adventuring Chic. I'm so sorry! Here it is:


    heehee, I just love craft fairs in general!

    I usually like the displays that have cool eye-popping colors and stuff with sparkles and of course beads! I have a weird obsession for beads ;) lol..

  4. lol, Chic, I think more than one of us has a weird obsession with beads... I think that anyone reading this blog probably has a huge obsession with beads. ^_^

  5. congrats! your table looks amazing! :D


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