Beautiful Ideas...

December 04, 2010

A dream...
I recently stopped by the craft store while they were having a wonderful sale on the beautiful Swavorski Crystal beads and findings.

I absolutely love these beads... but they are expensive, even at sale prices. So I settled with a couple of sets of my absolute favorites...

These beads are so stunning that I immediately went to my craft table to dream away. I saw dream, because making a bracelet in the stunning design shown above would cost almost $30 for the supplies alone...  I can't justify that for myself. And I don't yet know if something like this would sell in my Shoppe... and besides, I bought the beads to use as focals in some more of my popular "Royalty Teardrop" design.

(However, if any of you readers want a bracelet like this, you'll make me very, very happy.)

While dreaming, I took pictures of some ideas... And I say some, for I am always chock-full of ideas. I sooo wish that I had an excuse to buy a ton of these beads and make these ideas a reality!

The same design as shown above
Wouldn't clusters of these be stunning on a bracelet?

You can always use different colors... or a mix of colors!

Cool necklace idea...

I want a jewelry set like this! A crystal drop necklace... Sparkling dangle earrings... (I didn't have enough purple beads to put one at the bottom of the other earring for this picture, lol!

Well, there you go. My musings in beads...

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