Christmas Is a'Coming!

December 02, 2010

Advent is here... Did you know that Adventus means "preparation" in Latin? Yah, I hate Latin with passion... but sometimes it's nice to know a bit.

It's time to prepare for our Savior's birth. To make our hearts ready to welcome Jesus. A time to enjoy God's gifts: friends, family, and the countless blessings that literally make our lives. And, of course, a time to give gifts, just as God gave us His Son. (But none of our gifts are anywhere near as awesome, lol!)

Getting ready for Christmas... The Fairy dressed up just for you. :D
I always like to make homemade gifts for Christmas. Spending time making handmade gifts is truely a way of showing you care-- and a way of fighting the materialism that is taking over the season. Not that I wouldn't like any of the expensive gadgets or toys or bajillion things you can't make by hand... :) But handmade gifts are more personalized, aren't they?

Please be sure to explore my blog and use any { tutorials } to make some handmade gifts! Feel free to ask me questions if you run into problems. If you do make something, leave a comment on my blog! It would make my day if someone put all that hard work to good use!!!

Don't have time to make enough handmade gifts? Do you lack the experience or somehow lost out on the crafting-gene?

{ Check out the NEW Christmas-themed jewelry in my Shoppe! } These jewelries go great with anything, any season. :) They make the perfect stocking stuffers (and will make your blogger very, very happy!). Each is one-of-a-kind, and I am happy to work on custom orders!

Don't forget to order soon, so that your order can arrive on time!

(Isn't this Artfire feature cool? It's called a "Rapid Cart" and allows you to purchase items from the Shoppe, without even leaving my blog! If I had the paid version of Artfire, I could customize it to show only the Christmas-themed jewelry. Unfortunately I can't afford that yet... so here are 15 randomized items from my Shoppe.)

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