I&F December 2010

December 07, 2010

"It's time to journey into the past along with the I&F staff as we take adventures in one-room schoolhouses, homes without running water, and visiting the little houses of Laura Ingalls. Also a special interview with Melissa Wiley, author of "Little House in the Highlands." "
The December issue of Ink and Fairydust is out!

Find past issues on our website: { www.InkAndFairydust.com }

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication between me and Q (the head graphics/layout manager), my column and comic did not make an appearance this month. But there are some really, really neat articles about life back in pioneer times!

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  1. As for the custom navigation, I don't know how to intergrate that into the new template. I probably should figure it out, but I haven't yet. :)

    -Awel P.


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