Ring Follow-up

October 24, 2011

My ring, as of today!

A few months ago, I made some wirewrapped rosette rings and posted a tutorial.

The pictured ring is the first one that I made. My purity ring broke (and unfortunately I don't yet have the ability to fuse sterling silver back together), so I have been wearing this rosette ring almost continuously since March 2011!

This ring was made out of plain old aluminum wire. Although the shiny-ness of the original aluminum has slightly dulled, the ring is still in tip-top shape. Which is impressive, considering:

-I wear it all the time
-I don't take it off to wash my hands
-It has gone through the wash... twice.
-It has gotten stepped on
-It has been lost five times
-and I have gotten blue acrylic paint all over it

Overall, this is one experiment that has one wonderfully well.

The only thing that's kept me from listing the rosette rings in my Shoppe is that I'd have to buy a ring mandrel to measure sizes. I'm thinking I should invest in one of those soon and get a ton of rings made, because Christmas shopping season is just around the corner! Thoughts?

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  1. Oh, definitely go for it!! :)


  2. Fantastic idea maybe if you do get that manderin....or what ever its called some real silver wire might be good i know they have it at hobby lobby i just cant rember how much it coust

  3. Lovely!!
    I love to make things like that!!


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