Wire Knots and Buttons

April 15, 2011

Guess what I've been up to? 

Making totally cool rings. ^_^

I've made some rings before (check out the fairy "vine rings"), but recently decided that I was lacking in the ring-making-skills-department.

So I taught myself how to make some 8 different styles of rings! It took a couple hours of experimentation (not to mention about 3 foot of twisted, ruined wire), but I think I've got it down now.

Here's a ring that I've been wearing constantly for about 3 weeks. It was my first "success." :) I've actually been surprised at just how well it it holding up.
UPDATE: Check out the ring follow-up, 6 months later.

I've considered selling these on my Shoppe... however, since I am not using a ring mandrel (hello, cheap dry-erase marker), I really have no way of knowing the exact sizes. And that's not the best for online selling. :D

(I've made about twice this many rings...)

AND... guess what? I filmed tutorials for 4 different styles of rings! Look for the videos after Easter. :) {Find the tutorials HERE!}

Sidenote #1: You know that I'm not blogging much until Lent is over... but as soon as Easter comes, you guys are in for a treat. I've got nine new tutorials lined up and about ten other projects to share. :)

Sidenote #2: Another thing to look for after Easter-- a blog re-do! I'm keeping the main graphics, but there will be much more color. Perhaps an entirely new background, too. And much more organization.

Sidenote #3: I don't really have anything to share here... I just like using the word sidenote. :D

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  1. those rose rings are gorgeous! and the button ones are so creative, and you could make so many different styles that way!

  2. Those rings are so pretty!(:

  3. Hey! That top wire ring is the kind you sent me with your necklaces, and I've been wearing it constantly, too! I have it on right now, in fact. :)

  4. I loooove them Shaylynn! Can't wait for a tutorial!

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  6. Ooooooh when the tutorial comes I MUST make that ring! It's awesome! :D


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