Mine, My Own, My Precious

April 11, 2011

Just a quickie post today. Sorry!

A few weeks ago, I made a little hair clip for a St. Patrick's Day English Country Dance. The dance was snowed out, but I've still been putting this hair clip to good use!

All I did was sew some fake leaves and the most awesome button ever onto a hair clip. I'm planning on using that button for a craft in the future, but for now, it makes one pretty hair flower. :)

P.S. Excuse the blech pictures. That's what I get for snapping them in the bathroom after a long day!

P.P.S. I'm still on the lookout for guest bloggers!

P.P.S. I do have about fifteen or so projects that I've worked on. All will be rather big posts. :) Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until after Easter!

P.P.P.S. and Kind of Random: I broke my first board yesterday, with a flying sidekick! Our Taekwando group did a demo for Fr. Leo's talk (which was amazing, he is a truly dynamic priest and boy his food is yummie).
I'm kind of mad at myself, because I wasn't able to break the board at the demo, but I did do it afterwards! Haha, when I actually broke it I'd changed out of my uniform and was wearing a skirt and leggings. What can I say, I'm a tomboy in skirts.

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